Government of Nigeria Flags Offs the Navision System of Integrated LMIS

The Government of Nigeria, through the Nigeria Supply Chain Integration Project (NSCIP) has developed intervention geared towards designing and institutionalizing a sustainable Integrated LMIS system. The Navision Project thus was borne out of this and will provide the following advantages to the overall supply chain system in the country;

  1. Provide Real time data collation
  2. Install Integration with efficiencies created
  3. Maintains a control tower system
  4. Ensures efficient Analytics
  5. Improve Visibility

After assessments and wide stakeholder engagement, the FMOH adopted the Microsoft NAV, which is an ERP system currently in use by NPHCDA.

Dr. Rhoda Atteh of the NSCIP while anchoring conversations during the official project launch on Wednesday 2nd August, 2017 at the NPHCDA conference hall in Abuja, explained the Rationale of the Microsoft NAV system as follows;

  • The Microsoft NAV is fully customisable system which will be customised from the ground up.
  • Reduces time to complete as it avoids the need for RFI and RFP
  • It currently in use in Nigeria with success and many lessons.

The National Coordinator, NSCIP; Pharm. Linus Odoemene posited that the Project will be supported by USAID, UNFPA, TGF and GON while UNICEF Will continue its support on the vaccine component.

The Project which officially starts on the 1st of August, 2017 will cover products across HIV,TB , Malaria, RH for a start (45 products)

Two main organisations will be responsible for implementation namely;

  • Field Intelligence is responsible for Customisation (In addition to the job they already do with NPHCDA Nav)
  • And McKinsey will Design, provide User Requirements and map out all Processes.

Governance of this project that will be implemented through July 2018 is in two phases and will be via a steering committee that will comprise major stakeholders and GON (FMOH).

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