Kano and Yobe State Drug Management Agency (DMA) Assessment

The Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH), through the National Product Supply Chain Management Programme (NPSCMP) of the Department of Food and Drug Services (DFDS), led the development of the maiden National Health Supply Chain Strategic and Implementation Plan (NHSCSP) 2021-2025. The main purpose of the strategy is to create a patient-centred supply chain standard that will achieve significant levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare products for Nigerians in line with Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The document provides a framework that aligns with expectations of National stakeholders, i.e. to reposition the national supply chain system to be integrated, sustainable, resilient and government-led; to use the business-like and stakeholder-inclusive approach to deliver the mandate of government to save/improve lives; in an agile, reliable and responsive manner.

Goals and Objectives of this workshop are as follows;

  1. To assess the Kano and Yobe State Drug and Medical Consumables Supply Agency (DMCSA) for performance tracking and monitoring.
  2. To Identify gaps and use same to inform the development of a roadmap that will improve the DMA maturity progression
  3. To ascertain the level of state DMA maturity and preparedness of the state for the integration of Public Health products and Essential Medicines for the state health supply system.
  4. To assess the warehouse operations, management and capacity to store Public Health, Essential Medicines and all health products at optimal level for the state.

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