NPSCMP/NSCIP Project Objectives


To effectively and efficiently integrate Health Disease Programs Supply Chain Management activities for optimal PSM services that would prevent stock outs, minimize wastages and efficiently run the entire health system which includes the infrastructure, human resources and tools.

What we Hope to achieve

NPSCMP  Coordinate PSM activities of all health programs with donors/partners/NGOs to minimize stock-outs, expiries and other forms of wastages.

NPSCMP  Partner with PSM Stakeholders – Health Programs, Donors, Implementing Partners, etc. at various levels for institutional capacities and encouraging ownership for sustainability.

NPSCMP  Strengthen the National storage and distribution system across all health programs & essential medicines in the country through Supportive monitoring visits.

NPSCMP  Ensure that pharmaceutical procurement activities within the FMoH is in line with the National Drug Policy and in accordance to Good Procurement Practices

NPSCMP  Maintain a National Logistics Database on Pharmaceuticals  and other health commodities in the country in collaboration with all health programs

NPSCMP  Monitor national pipeline stock levels of medicines and other health commodities

NPSCMP  Capacity Building of national PSM staff through local and international trainings, seminars, conferences/workshops and meetings.