Project Scope


To effectively and efficiently integrate Health Disease Programs Supply Chain Management activities for optimal PSM services that would prevent stock outs, minimize wastages and efficiently run the entire health system which includes the infrastructure, human resources and tools.

Extent of Our Work

NPSCMP  The NSCIP is a more direct intervention that spans three years.

NPSCMP  The first year of the project covers 14 focal states of the federation with prevalence of disease, federal spread and ease of access to key logistics infrastructure key criteria. Lessons learnt and quick wins will be replicated in other 23 states of the federation.

NPSCMP  The Project Management Office has a staff arrangement where Government Workers are collocated with Consultants and each role has a mentor/mentee arrangement for ease of skill transfer and sustainability of intervention even after the duration of the project.

NPSCMP  Project program areas covers HIV/AIDs, TB, Malaria, RH, Vaccines and MNCH

NPSCMP  Build and institutionalize a Logistic Management Coordination Unit (LMCU) in every State of the Federation; to coordinate, improve and report on supply chain activities, building capacity of the State especially that of the LMCU to develop distribution Matrix and 3PL commodity distribution

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