Project Background


To effectively and efficiently integrate Health Disease Programs Supply Chain Management activities for optimal PSM services that would prevent stock outs, minimize wastages and efficiently run the entire health system which includes the infrastructure, human resources and tools.

Detailed Background Information

Medicines and other health products supply chain management are central in Health System Strengthening through a continuous uninterrupted availability of these health products.

One of the strategies the Federal Ministry of Health deployed to address this is the set up of the National Product Supply Chain Management Program (NPSCMP), domiciled in the department of Food and Drugs Services to champion effective and efficient supply management system.

The program collaborates with all programs and projects within the FMoH especially the ATM&RHV to ensure effective management of the respective supply chain systems and proper handling of products in a professionally compliant manner.

The ATM&RH programs operates vertical and uncoordinated supply chain activities which necessitated the urgent need to harmonize some of the PSM functions of the programs and subsumed the PSM component of the disease program under the National Product Supply Chain Management Program (NPSCMP established by the FMoH in the department of Food & Drugs Services in 2012) at the immediate and long term.

There’s the need to constantly review and strengthen the collaborative instruments that bind the states, zones, LGAs and wards with FMoH and the service providing facilities need to be monitored and supported.

The NPSCMP in order to ensure proper implementation of its objectives in the PSM nationwide birthed the Nigeria Supply Chain Integration Project (NSCIP) in 2014 with the Logistics Management Coordination Units (LMCU) its state strong arm.

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