1. Dissemination of Community ART refill model, data review and feedback. 3 Health Facilities; General Hospital Ajeromi, Randle General Hospital and Sango PHC have commenced the ART refill model with stable clients from these health facilities devolved to 11 Community Pharmacies.
Additional health facilities are being selected to scale up the Community Pharmacists ART Refill Program in the State.
2. NSCIP  review of supply chain data reporting mechanisms.
The Nigeria Supply Chain Integrated Project (NSCIP) in conjunction with the LMCU carried out a State level supply chain data reporting system assessment in the State.
The different reporting systems of the public health programs for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB/L, Reproductive Health/Family Planning, Routine Immunization and Nutrition across various tiers (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) of the healthcare delivery system were assessed.   
3. Sensitization on Drugs and Therapeutics Committee (DTC)& Pharmacovigilance operationalization.
Sensitization on operationalization of  the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee (DTC) was carried out by the LMCU for 17 Secondary Health Facilities DTC chairmen and secretaries across the State.
Reporting of Adverse Drugs Reactions (ADRs) as an ethical duty and Terms of Reference for DTC/PV committee were highlighted.
4. Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) / United  Nations office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) data collection on quantification of Opioid medicines and estimation of psychotropic substances and precursors.
The Lagos DPS (MOH)participated in the development of the National Guidelines for Quantification of Narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances.
Data collection for Opioid medicines and the estimation of psychotropic substances and precursors will be conducted in 26 (twenty Six) selected health facilities and 8 (Eight) Community Pharmacies in the State.
5. GF Form M execution and orders
The LMCU engaged with the Grant Management Unit (GMU) and the PFSCM team on the Global Fund Form M execution and orders for commodities under the GF Grant for the State.
6. Reproductive Health/ Family Planning Sub- Technical Working Group (TWG)
The LMCU participated in the Reproductive Health/ Family Planning Sub Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting.
The assessment of the 20 LGAs Stores carried out by the LMCU is intended to ensure product availability for the scale up of family planning services to the private sector.
7. Post monitoring of Integrated Last Mile Delivery Orders
The LMCU carried out the 4th round post monitoring of the Integrated Last Mile Delivery orders for Family Planning and Malaria commodities to a total of 11(Eleven) health facilities in Badagry (4 HFs), Epe (4 HFs)  and Ibeju Lekki (3 HFs) LGAs respectively
8. Integrated Supportive Supervision (ISS)
The LMCU carried out the Integrated Supportive Supervision (ISS) exercise with the Grant Management Unit and SASCP to Global Fund (GF) supported sites in Epe Local Government Area. Health facilities visited were Epe PHC, Afuye PHC and Papa PHC.
9.LMCU bimonthly meeting with IPs
LMCU conducted the bimonthly meeting with implementing partners working in the State. This is aimed at fostering better coordination and synergy of all IPs PSM activities in the State
10. Training, Abu
The LMCU participated in the training which is the on-line platform used for ordering HIV/AIDS commodities for the Global Fund supported health facilities.

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