Fine-tuning Leadership towards Integration


Training Highlights

As the nation grapples with the rigours of implementing people friendly solutions in its bid to pull out of the recession it currently faces; it becomes imperative that leadership of key sectors of the economy needs to be on its toes especially in providing the needed direction to the citizenry.

The Federal Ministry of Health has over the years placed emphasis on quality leadership especially through programmes like her weekly Top Management Committee meetings and other fora; through which Heads of Department/Programmes and key Directors interact regularly with the Minister of Health and the Permanent Secretary.

NSCIPThe import of better leadership collaboration in achieving the overall mandates of the Ministry of Health has over the years been largely anchored by the Food & Drugs department who most times act as a pivot because of its wide range of interaction with other departments due to its peculiar cross-cutting scope.
The Food & Drugs department currently under the amiable leadership of Pharm. Mrs. G.M.O Chukwumah through the Nigeria Supply Chain Integration project (NSCIP) has played up the need to have a continuous leadership training exercise that will foster departmental collaboration, educate heads of the ministry on current health direction/intervention especially in the face of recession and generally improve leadership skill set.

NSCIPFirst amongst many of the exercise lined up and which is a key mandate (Stakeholders collaboration and leadership training) of the NSCIP was held at the Channel View Hotel Calabar, from October 27th to 30th featured topically discussions and trainings around;

  • Practical Problem solving
  • Stakeholders Management
  • Tools for successful Performance management
  • Delegation/empowerment
  • Giving & Receiving feedback
  • Managing conflict
  • Collaboration & teamwork

In attendance at the 3-day event were the Representatives of the Permanent Secretary, Procurement, Directors of Food & Drug Services, Finance, General Services, ICT, PPP/Diaspora, Legal unit FEDMAL Lagos, National Coordinator & Project Manager NPSCMP/NSCIP and focal Health Programmes officers. All participants present are crucial to the implementation of Supply Chain Management Integration in the Nigeria. The training exercise was anchored and facilitated by led consultants from McKinsey Consortium (Capacity Building Service Provider of the NSCIP)

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