Integrated National Stock Status Report (INSSR) and Validation, Quarter 1 2022

The Integrated National Stock Status Report Workshop is a platform for consistent and accurate monitoring of health stock situation in Nigeria. This edition of the iNSSR (Q1 2022 ) was held from 16th to 19th May 2022 in Abuja with the support of CHAI and the presence of other Partners. 

The outcome of this workshop will form the final output of the National PSM TWG meeting.
The Goals and Objectives of this workshop aim at achieving the following:
  • To validate and finalize Quarter 1 2022 Integrated National Stock Status Reports (INSSR)
  • To have a visibility of commodity flow and ensure timely procurement through a strengthened control tower system
  • Reviewing stock situation across five public Health Program in-country
  • Assessing quality of data (in regard to timeliness and completeness) and identify challenges

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